Monthly Archives: May 2011

A foray into iOS

For the last six months or so, I’ve been meaning to get into developing iOS applications. I somehow managed to miss the beautiful opportunity presented by the entire post-HSC pre-uni break, and recently I’ve been saying that I’ll get into when I have less uni work, fewer assignments, when I’m less tired, etc. You know, practical things like that.

Last night, I decided to forgo all that (I just learnt the difference between forgo and forego), and gave up revising maths; I started programming around 1am, went to sleep at 6am, woke up three hours late for uni and elected to stay home.

So it goes.

You know those alarm clocks that require the user to solve a puzzle before the alarm will turn off? I NEED ONE OF THOSE. My inclination to properly wake up is inversely proportional to how warm my bed is; I need something to actually get my brain working, something that requires actual cognitive function. Something like a phone call I need to concentrate on, a physical action like having a shower (ruled out by my inability to get out of bed) or, say, solving some maths problems.

The only problem here is that the ones that exist are either really lame, ├╝ber expensive or make it too easy to dismiss the alarm. I need no mercy in these situations! Some have been built from scratch, which is really cool, but are projects for which I’d need more time and/or motivation.

Anyway, as such, I’ve decided to make an iPhone app for this purpose. Some exist, but they’re really clunky and far too overloaded with features for me.

Watch me procrastinate.

Xcode 4 not only costs money now, but has the worst error handling I’ve ever seen in an Apple product.