Waffles, exams and renewed determination to memorise poetry

After a somewhat cruisy bout of pre-exam melancholy, today’s exam was blissful. Advanced Informatics: the subject you learn by doing what you’re already doing. Unix, Python, Python, XML, SQL, Python… all wrapped up in two hours of this-counts-for-50%. Brilliant. I was somewhat assisted by the fact that I’m currently employed to mess around with Python and web services; at least three questions had come up recently in conversations with my boss or friends also doing IT. I love the people one finds in the School of IT; I swear I learn almost as much from them as I do from lectures…

Today was vastly improved by discovering, amidst conversations about video games and terrible music, three friends with an affinity for poetry of which I was previously oblivious. (The waffles from Corelli’s probably contributed a little bit as well.) A few months ago I told myself I should start memorising poetry again, and decided I should allow myself a week per poem; it started well, but lapsed when I moved to Newtown and didn’t have the walk from the station to immerse myself in the poem of the week. Talking with people about something I love made me realise how much I missed having poetry around me so often, and how few people I regularly talk to have any interest in poetry. ‘Twas a brilliant find.

Now, time to strategically pick a semester two elective that leaves my Friday off alone…


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