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Irrational Ideas: The Uberman Sleep Schedule

Today, my friend Louis and I decided to begin adhering to The Uberman Sleep Schedule. Basically, it involves having a nap every 4 hours for 20 minutes, apparently causing your brain to use those 20 minutes solely for REM sleep, thus giving you more REM sleep than you would usually get (around 1.5 per night). Apparently for the first two weeks or so we’ll be sleep-deprived zombies, but after we “recover” we’ll be 22-hours-per-day machines (provided we keep exactly to the nap times and lengths).

Essentially our main problem is organising our lives around when we need to sleep; we’ve decided upon 0100, 0500, 0900, 1300, 1700 and 2100. Good thing USyd has many sprawling lawns and comfortable surfaces. I’ve compiled a ludicrously large list of things to occupy myself during my copious free time, but it’s mostly to keep me awake until I get over the zombie stage… I’m also quite grateful that my boss is so flexible.

This is probably detrimental to the body, but we’ll find out.

I expect the coherency of all future posts to decrease.